Last Update: January 5, 2014
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Office: 301-663-0892

Basketball Coaches Without Boundaries (BCWB)

BCWB Nicholas Leakins SAT 

DeRoner/Winn/Lee Bowl for the Cure 

BOWL-A-THON - March  – Day / Time TBD  

 This fund-raiser is to benefit the Nicholas Leakins SAT Program and "Race for the Cure" Foundation.  BCWB is seeking to raise $5,000 as a donation to the “Race for the Cure”and support our Nicholas Leakins SAT Study Group Program.  With your help, we can be a blessing to help these causes.  BCWB is striving to be innovative in sponsoring activities that are fun and at the same time raise money to support our partner non-profits.

 Download Bowl A Thon Mail In Forms

 Click here to Register your team via email

Click here to Print Team Member Donation Form


Concept for this Fund-Raiser

 I. Team Captain:

 Each team Captain will be responsible for the following administrative task. 

1)     Find 3 more individuals to complete a team of 4 players.

2)     Register your team with Raymond Whiten, Sr. (240-832-3670) 

3)     Distribute sponsor forms to each team member (we can email to each member)

4)     Encourage all team members (including yourself) to actively pursue finding at least 10 other individuals as sponsors (the more the better).  Each sponsor will be asked to donate at least 5 cents per pin knocked down by the person they are sponsoring.  Sponsors can make a flat donation.

5)     Suggestion: Create teams from family members, co-workers or friends. 

 (In theory, if a person donates 5 cents per pin knocked down and you knock down a total of 300 pins (100 pins per game), the sponsor will only need to donate $15.00).  This should be used as an example for sponsors who have questions as to how much they should expect to donate.  This is only an estimate. 

6)     Each captain will be responsible for collecting the donations and turning in the total donation within one week from the completion of the event.  Captain should make arrangements with Diane Simmons to turn in the total donation. The sponsor can also have the option to make a flat donation.  Corporate donations/sponsors are welcome and encouraged. 

7)     Captains are asked to turn in all donations, received as flat donations, on the day of the event.

 II. Your cost (per team member)

1) Bowling will be free to all team who raise a minimum of $500.00.  For team with donations of less than $500.00 there will be a $15.00 per player charge.  The $15.00 charge will cover the cost of the games and bowling shoes.  Each team will receive a large Pizza and pitcher of soda.

 III. Awards 

1)     Awards will be presented as follows: 

·        *Award “A” – determined by team with the highest total contributions - will receive dinner gift certificate from Sakura Japanese Steak House (each member).

·        *Award “B” – determined by team with the highest total pins will receive movie passes (each member)

·        *Award “C” – determined by team with the second highest total pin fall will receive 1 free movie rental coupon (each member) 

* Each team is allowed only one award.  In the event the same team actually wins two Awards, for example has the highest total contributions and the highest total pins, will only receive Award “A”.  Award “B” will then go to the next highest number of pins.  Award “C” will go to the next highest number of total pins. 


1)     Teams will consist of four members.

2)     Each team will bowl for 2 hours (hopefully 3 games).

3)     The cumulative totals of all games for each player will count as the team total.

4)     For donation purposes, minimum number of pins awarded to each player will be 300.  For example, if you bowl 250 pins over three games, your pin count for your donations will equal 300.  However, for prize purposes, your pin count will be your actual pins scored.


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