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Previous Grants provided by:
The Community Foundation of Frederick County, MD,
Sports Boosters of Maryland

Previous Contributors
City of Frederick Department of Recreation
East Alco Frederick
First Horizon Mortgage Corporation
Frederick Medical and Pulmonary
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC-Frederick)
State Farm Insurance

May 2004

Basketball Coaches Without Boundaries implements Nicholas Leakins
 SAT Scholarship and Study Group
BCWB kicked out our Education component by starting the Nicholas
Leakins SAT Scholarship and Study Group.  BCWB recently teamed
up the family of the late Mr. Nicholas Leakins and the Sports Boosters
of  Maryland to establish and implement the "Nicholas Leakins SAT
Scholarship".   Mr. Leakins was a well-known educator in Frederick
County.  He began his teaching career in Frederick County at Lincoln
Elementary School  in 1949, taught at Elm Street School in 1963, became
 Vice Principal at South Frederick Elementary in 1968, became Principle in
1970 and continued there until his retirement in 1986.   Sports Boosters
of Maryland is  non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference
through sports.   We currently have 12 members of the Study Group
consisting of 4 students from Frederick High School and 9 students from
Thomas Johnson  High School.   This program offers SAT prep for all
members, and paid SAT testing for qualified students.

Bowl-A-Thon 2004 another step towards the growth and development
of our Frederick County Youth.
Basketball Coaches Without Boundaries held our annual "Every Child
Counts" Bowl-A-Thon in February 2004.    This year we were successful
at raising enough money to purchase electronic scoreboards for our summer
basketball league games.  Thanks to everyone who entered a team.  Special
thanks to Mrs. Phyllis Weedon for her giant effort and major team
contribution.  Phyllis was able to get many of the local businesses to make

Final Registration for Youth Summer Instructional Camp and Basketball
League set for May 31, 2004.
BCWB is currently taking registration for our Youth Instructional Camp
and Summer League.  Both the Camp  and League teams are filling up
 fast, so please act quickly.  See website for more details or call

Every Child Counts, Campaign 2004 Membership Drive support on the
BCWB is seeking your continued support to our Every Child Counts
fundraiser.  Over the past three years, BCWB has been able to offer
special programs to our youth.  Your contributions help us run our SAT
scholarship program, player appreciation day Popcorn day, parent
appreciation day, Higher Education and Reunion game activities, and our
Christmas Toys for Kids program.  So, if you donated during any of the
 last  three years, we encourage you to make yours a yearly donation by
becoming a member again this year.  For as little as $25.00 will continue
your support or become a new members.  We need your support. 
For information or registration email: BCWB@BCWB.ORG, visit the
website at WWW.BCWB.ORG or  call 301-663-0892.

BCWB new corporate website
As of February 2004, our Corporate website has been up and running.
 To stay up to date with current events, school news and strategic
 program, please visit the website at WWW.BCWB.ORG.  Any
comments or  suggestion should be directed to webmaster@bcwb.org.

BCWB recognizes past players and coaches currently participating in
 College and Professional Sports
If you have access to the Internet, you can find some very interesting
information about people we consider the cornerstone to our success over
the last five years.  Visit our site  http://www.bcwb.org/rcicrleoffriends.html
or go to the home page of www.bcwb.org and click on the
“Circle of Friends” link.  Here we provide some interesting information
about former coaches, players and special people in the community who
have participated  in our Youth Summer Basketball Programs.  I think
you will find the information very interesting.

BCWB 5-Year Anniversary Youth Summer League Opening Day –
June 19, 2004
Visit your opening day on June 19th, College Estates Park to celebrate
our 5 Year Anniversary and see our new Summer League Jerseys. 
Contest Give-a-ways for parents and families.
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