Consent to view Disclosure

Please Read prior to viewing Photos

The photos you are about to view are for sale by Basketball Coaches Without Boundaries.  BCWB has established the minimum charge we can to cover the cost of mailing, photo development and duplication.  BCWB is fully aware that their may be other methods for you to copy these photos, however, we strongly advise you do not use third party software to copy our photos.  Again, the charge we have established for the photos are the very minimum we can charge to cover our cost.  Additionally, the fee for the photo's allows us to provide you, your child and your family many services at free to minimum cost.  It also allows us to keep our Summer League and Camp fee at a very low cost.  The Board of Directors for BCWB thanks you for understanding.  Your agreement to this consent to view disclosure will allow you to continue on to the Photo Gallery.

Each photo Gallery page has 8 pictures on the page.   Depending on your internet connection, the first time you view a page, it may take 5 mins. or less for the page to fill in the pictures.  Once you have all the pictures in view, the next time you view the page it will load much faster.  Therefore, please be patient as your pictures are loaded on the page. 

                      I agree not to copy pictures from the BCWB photo Gallery          I do not agree at this time and would like to return to the home page                   

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