BCWB Fall Challenge Series

Tournament Format & Rules

Grades 9th to 12th


v  18-Minute Running Clock - Stops after 2 min each halves. 3 Minute OT running clock. Third overtime is 1st basket in Wins. Timeouts are 2 Full & 2 Thirty per game - use them or lose them, no carryover. 1 Full timeout per OT session, no carryover. 3 min halve time.

v  10 Second Back Court.

v  3rd Over-Time is Sudden Death, no extra time-out.

v  Free Throw Set-up, On-release.

v  Home Team is listed First, Visitor Second.

v  Official scorebook will be Maintain by desk attendant. Home and Away team can elect to keep personal scorebook during games or serve as official scorebook upon request.

v  Light & Dark Uniforms recommended, home should wear light colored uniform, away team should wear dark uniform.

v  Rosters due to Site Director prior to first game.

v  Any Coach, Player, Fan, Parent, etc., that is ejected from a game will be suspended for their next scheduled game if applicable.

v  Forfeit Rule: 15 minute grace period, 1 point each minute after the initial grace period.

v  Standard high school rules apply: 1 and 1 on the 7th foul, 2 shots on 10th foul. 5 Personal fouls for disqualification. COACHES MUST STAY WITHIN BENCH AREA TO AVOID TECHNICAL FOULS.

v  Admission Prices: Adults $7.00 Daily; $12.00 Weekend (All access All sites)



1)      Head to Head Play: The team that wins the head to head competition between the two tied teams will move on.


2)      Total points scored from all games won ! Maximum number of points per game is 15 points. Team with highest point total over all games played wins. Point ties we to to option 3 below.


3)      Coin Flip - If all else fails, a coin will be flipped.