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Our League's Philosophy

Summer League (June/July) - the goal and objective of this league is to allow the players to enjoy their Summer in a atmosphere of fun, family and basketball.  Mandatory play time for all players - every player must play each 1/2 of the game.  We monitor this from the table and scorebook to ensure our coaches are following the rules.


Fall League (Sept/Oct)  - The goal and objective of this league getting players ready for the Winter Basketball Season.  Coaches are encouraged to enter Winter Teams in preparation of their Winter Basketball Season.  Players are encouraged to enter as individuals to focus on skills development in preparation of tryout for their Winter Basketball teams.  This program focuses on practice, training and preparation for advance level play during the Winter Basketball Season.  All levels of talents are welcomed.


Spring Basketball League (April - May) - The primary goal and objective of this league is a combination of providing  less Skilled players and Beginners an environment where they can play with the more Skilled players as a way to improve their game.  Because we do allow Beginner players to play in this environment, we do go over (in our pre-season Coaches Meeting) the necessity of making sure all players get reasonable playing time and the emphasis we ask our coaches to stress to parents of lessor or Beginner skill set players - is that practice is the most important phase of this program. 


Coaches are encouraged to work with the lessor skilled and Beginner players in practice sessions to help them understand the functionality of the game as well as skilled fundamentals.  In addition, we offer speciality Training sessions by Skilled (Former College and NBA players) to families who wish to add value to their players Spring Basketball experience. 


Secondary, the goal and objective is to provide Skilled players and Teams (AAU Teams) an environment to get the most out of Basketball by practicing and playing competitive games during the weekday while they can play AAU Tournaments on the weekends (with a team of their choice or individuals who play with specific AAU Teams).  


To help us create the best environment we can given the mixture of skill sets - we evaluate each team during Opening Day and 1st week of the season.  We then complete the reminder of the schedule to create team match ups (games) between teams of like talents (we do the best we can to achieve this).  This way coaches have more options to provide players playing time when playing against teams of like skill sets.  


The thought is higher skill set teams are more competitive and thus playing a more competitive game and lessor skill set teams have games where coaches get an opportunity to get players more playing time.  


However, we encourage all our coaches to be reasonable with playing time for all the players.  We estimate about 25% of our players are AAU Team / Skilled Players,  60% are Medium Skilled players 15% are Beginners.