BCWB Spring Basketball League

2017 League Rules

Middle/High Girls Division

Mercy Rule Applies at 15 Points

 * High School Regulation Rules - (Athletic sleeve exception)

 * Must wear BCWB provided 2017 Fall League jersey - (unless previously excused)

* Each team will have Two (2) full 60 second and two 30 second time outs during the regulation game.

* Overtime will be 3:00 min, each team will have one full 60 second time out only.  Sudden death after the 2nd overtime (1st team that scores - wins !!!!!)

 * 16:00 min halves - Encourage Every Player Play

 * Mercy Rule: No pressing if team winning by more than 15 points

 * Running Clock till the last 2:00 min of each half.  Less than 3:00 Min in the Game - any team losing by 25 points or more the game will be called over.

 * Any ejection from the game will result in a one game suspension (Player or Coach).

 * Foul Shots on the release, players may enter the lane when the ball leaves shooter hand.

 * 15 min grace period before forfeit.  Team has 15 mins after game start time to field the floor.

 * Teams can start the game with 4 players as an official game and the game will begin at the scheduled time.  If a 5th players does not arrive by half time, the team with 4 players will forfeit the game no matter the halftime score.

 v Standard high school rules apply:  1 and 1 on 7th foul, double bonus on 10th foul.  COACHES MUST STAY WITHIN BENCH AREA TO AVOID TECHNICAL FOULS.

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