Summer Youth Basketball League Coaches Manual


BCWB Program Directors

Dwayne Whiten Sr. – President, BCWB  dwhit111@aol.com         (301) 473-2140

Lynette Whiten – EVP, BCWB                      lcwhiten@aol.com          (301) 473-2141



Pee Wee Division             3rd/4th Grade 

Junior Division                   5th/6th/7th Grade

Senior Division                   8th/9th/10th Grade



Rosters will be limited to 12 players

Each Coach will be provided with their official Roster – Players may not be added unless registered by BCWB




Each team will consist of no more than 12 players.  Each team will play with 5 players and no less than 4 at the start of each game.

Everyone on the team will play and Everyone will play an equal amount of time on the court. Each player must play at least ½ of the game. Coaches use their discretion as to how to ensure the playing time. 

The intent is to provide all participants equal playing time regardless of skill level or experience. It is the role of the coach to help ensure that every child plays and has a positive experience.  BCWB Staff will monitor playing time and if there is any display of players not being played, BCWB reserves the right to speak with the coach directly about the playing time of a player and a win may result in a forfeit as a result.


Volunteer Coaches: All coaches are volunteering their time to make this a great experience. We try and select coaches who are knowledgeable in skills we are trying to teach.  It is highly recommend that you have an assist coach/parent coach at all times to ensure there is a coach for each game as a result of late arrival, vacation, etc.   For the safety of everyone, only the coach, assistant coach, players and BCWB staff members are allowed inside the gate during all games.  Children (non-players) and other spectators are not allowed to sit on the bench and should have accommodations outside the playing area (fence).

Coaches agree to support and influence good sportsmanship, high moral standards and are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators. This includes, but is not limited to, Unsportsmanlike disagreements with officials or insubordinate acts against supervisory staff.

The referees are in charge of officiating the game and their decisions are FINAL; right or wrong.  Any comments made to the referees or the staff should be made before the game, at half time, and/or after the conclusion of the game.

Please cooperate with the BCWB Youth Basketball staff in creating and maintaining an environment in which each participant may have fun, learn the game and be a good sport. We encourage parents to focus on the children and not the referees.

A coach is an adult leader who teaches the team the basics of a sport. The coach acts as a teacher and a friend. They should give positive feedback first, and then in a teaching way explain to the player what they did wrong and how they can fix the mistake. For example: “John you’re doing great, you are really hustling out there, next time you’re in the game and you’re on defense, I want you to try to stay between your man and the basket, okay? You’re doing well.” This way the players feel good about themselves and are still having fun.  Also the player will be more likely to implement the skill a coach is teaching.

Teamwork a critical part of the game of basketball. This is a team sport, which means that all the players must be involved both on and off the court. That means that one player does not always dribble and shoot the ball. There are no Michael Jordan’s in this league, so every player should be involved in the game.  Players should pass the ball to each other, and every player should have a chance to shoot, dribble, and rebound the ball.

BCWB Summer League Youth Basketball Staff reserves the right and WILL send home anyone (this includes coaches, players, spectators) who are in violation of the rules and regulations set by the program for the health, safety, and welfare of all participants.  Coaches who receive 2 technical fouls, will be asked to leave the park and cannot coach from outside the fence.  

BCWB Youth Summer League Guidelines and Rules

Overall Guidelines for ALL Divisions


·         Must start with 5 players but can end with 4.

o   If BCWB Staff determine a game can be played 4 vs 4 and agreement between the coaches, there will not be a forfeit and the game will be played.  Less than 4 players will result in a forfeit.

·         Grace Period – 15 minutes

·         Player Fouls – 5 max

·         Fouls – (7) Bonus 1:1 – (10) Bonus – Shooting 2

·         (2) 60 Second Time outs & (2) 30 Second Time outs per Game

·         Overtime  - 3 minutes / 1 Time out / No roll-over time outs

·         Double OT – Winner on first point made

·         Fence is considered out of bound for the base line

·         Line is considered out of bound on the side line

·         Backcourt is the 3 point line

·         Timeouts may be called by the coach of the offensive team while the ball is in play.

·         Anyone may call a timeout during a dead ball situation.

·         No jewelry (which includes: dangling earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc.) shall be worn during games. This is to help ensure the safety of all participants.

·         We ask that you please throw your trash in the designated areas in order to help keep the court and the park clean.  After each game, ensure your bench is clear of water bottles, etc.

·         Please try to only have only water bottles on the court. Other drinks are permitted (i.e. Gatorade, Powerade, drink boxes), but can lead to sticky spills.


Playing Time:

Pee Wee Division           

·         Everyone Player must play at least ½ of the game

·         14 minute per halves

·         Running clock – Stops the last 2 minutes of the game

·         Clock stops on all time outs

·         Press Rule – Team cannot press if up by 20 points

·         Remove Starters – Team must remove starters if up by 20 points

·         Suggested Substitution time @ 7:00 minutes of each half


Junior Division                 

•             16 minute per halves

•             Running clock – Stops the last 2 minutes of the game

•             Clock stops on all time outs

•             Press Rule – Team cannot press if up by 20 points

•             Remove Starters – Team must remove starters if up by 20 points

•             Suggested Substitution time @ 8:00 minutes of each half


Senior Division

                •             18 minute per halves

•             Running clock – Stops the last 2 minutes of the game

•             Clock stops on all time outs

•             Press Rule – Team cannot press if up by 20 points

•             Remove Starters – Team must remove starters if up by 20 points

•             Suggested Substitution time @ 9:00 minutes of each half              


Ball Size

Pee Wee Division                             28.5

Junior Division                                   29.5

Senior Division                                   29.5


 Weather Policy

We will never risk a child being hurt so it is very important to us that the courts are in the condition to prevent any injuries.  BCWB Youth Summer League Directors will make a determination if games will need to be cancelled due to rain or other weather conditions.  Please be sure that you are calling (240) 832 3670 for any updates to games being cancelled or rescheduled.  We will also try to update the website with updated information at www.bcwb.org.  Be sure you have updated contacted information for all of your players.