Fall Youth Basketball League 2020

BCWB Youth Fall League Season Details

Text Box: Spectators and all Non-players are asked to wear a mask at all times at our events

Text Box: Please remember to stay safe distance (at least 6 feet) from other and families. Let’s all be as safe as possible.


Overall Guidelines for ALL Divisions


·       Games Played: will be played on Saturday’s and Sunday’s


·       Day(s) Played: Each Team will play on either a Saturday or a Sunday in most cases and for one

weekend will play both Saturday and Sunday games.


·       Times Played: Estimated Game times are 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (games being played on the hour)


·       Divisions (Boys and Girls):  Coaches will have the option to elect to play in the following Divisions provided we have at

Least 4 teams of the same type in a Division.


Ø Recreation Team Division

Ø *Middle School Division (Middle School Division – Varsity - 8th Grade and Under, JV - 6th Grade and Under)

Ø *High School Division (Varsity - 11th/12th Grade, JV - 9th/10th Grade)  *Girls may vary depending on participation

Ø AAU Team Division (All Grades)


*School Division Teams players must all be from same designated School Team District

(Must all attend the same school)


In cases, where we only have 4 teams registered in a division, the Division will consist of the 4 teams

registered despite type team registered.


·       Regular Season/Championship Schedule: Teams will play 5 Regular season games between

September 12th and October 3rd.  (Requires team to play 1 double header)


·       Playoff/Championship Format: October 10th and 11th will be playoffs format of play and advance

to Championship.  (Therefore, team will play 1 game to possibly 2 or 3 games in the format)


·       Awards: Trophy Awards will be presented to All Divisional winning teams.


·       Locations: All Games will be played (primarily) at Carrollton Park – 455 Center Street, Frederick, Md 21701.

(Secondary Frederick City Park locations may be used as needed)


·       Practices:  The League does not provide or recommend practice in accordance with our “Safety Controlled”

format as a matter of minimizing player exposure.  However, Teams/Organizations can hold practice as they

desire, on their own time and arrangements.  League is not responsible for any arrangements or risk.