Fall Youth Basketball League 2020

BCWB Youth Fall League Guidelines and Rules

Text Box: Spectators and all Non-players are asked to wear a mask at all times at our events

Text Box: Please remember to stay safe distance (at least 6 feet) from other and families. Let’s all be as safe as possible.

Overall Guidelines for ALL Divisions


·        Teams Can play with 4 players (However, game time may be adjusted to 12 min halves based on how hot / temperature.  This will be an on-site decision).

o   If BCWB Staff determine a game can be played 4 vs 4 and agreement between the coaches, there will not be a forfeit and the game will be played.  Less than 4 players will result in a forfeit.

·        Grace Period – 15 minutes

·        Player Fouls – 5 max

·        Fouls – (7) Bonus 1:1 – (10) Bonus – Shooting 2

·        (2) 60 Second Time outs & (2) 30 Second Time outs per Game

·        Overtime  - 3 minutes / 1 Time out / No roll-over time outs

·        Double OT – Winner on first point made

·        Anyone may call a timeout during a dead ball situation.

·        No jewelry (which includes: dangling earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc.) shall be worn during games. This is to help ensure the safety of all participants.

·        Players must wear Face Covering / Mask when entering the Court.  Do not need to wear Face Covering / Mask while playing.  Optional when on the bench.

·       Players must sanitize hands when entering / Substituting into the game.


Grades 4th to 12th (Boys and Girls)                  

•            14 minute per halves (However, if playing with 4 players, game time will be adjusted to 12 min halves based on how hot / temperature.  This will be an on-site decision).

•            Running clock – Stops the last 2 minutes of the game

•            Clock stops on all time outs

•            Press Rule – Team cannot press if up by 15 points (Added 9/18 – Elementary Divisions can not press if up by 10 points and cannot press

              at ½ court – must back up below the 3-point circle for defense). Once team down by 10 or more points control the ball (off a defensive

              possession – the team up by 10 or more points must get back to below the 3-point circle.

·               Score Clock / Book Keepers keeping only Game Time, Team/Player Fouls, Team Points (Not keeping player points scored)

·               Game will be called (over) if team is leading by more than 25 points with less than 3:00 mins remaining in the game.


Ball Size

Girls                     28.5

Boys                    29.5