BCWB Spring Basketball League
2024 League Rules 
Middle School Division
* High School Regulation Rules - (Athletic sleeve exception)
* Must wear BCWB provided 2024 Spring League jersey or Team Gear
* Each team will have Two full (60 second) and Two (30 second) time outs during the regulation game. Second (2nd) Overtime - Sudden Death (First basketball wins)
* Overtime will be 3:00 min, each team will have one full (60 second) time out only.
* 16:00 min halves - Encourage Every Player Play. Play with High School Regulation size ball.
* Mercy Rule: No pressing if team winning by more than 20 points
* Running Clock till the last 2:00 min of each half. Less than 2:00 Mins in the Game - any team winning by more than 25 points clock continues to run.
* Any ejection from the game will result in a one game suspension (Player or Coach).
* Foul Shots on the release.
* 15 min grace period before forfeit. Team has 15 mins after game start time to field the floor.
*Teams suggested start the game with 5 players but can play with 4 players once game starts. Exception team can start with 4 players) Rule execption: Coach can start with 4 players at game start time if 5th player doe not join team by half time game is a forfeit or Coach can take the 15 min grade period to wait for 5th player it 5th player does not join team by the 15 min grade period game is a forfeit